There are times when the most amazing people enter my life and I find myself unable to truely meet them for the fear that they will change over time and become terrible like the people from my past or they will meet the true me and some how be disappointed.

Crossing my fingers

I just bought a Nikon n80 which is a film camera and tomorrow I’m going to get the film developed. I only paid $49 for the camera and lence so I’m hoping it was a good deal.


I have come to the conclusion that my breasts have reached the point of annoyance. My boobs are now more of a hinderance than sex appeal. They are weighing me down and giving me back problems. If they grow even slightly larger I will be unable to buy bras at any in person store in lower wisconsin or upper illinios. I once wished for boobs now I wish they would stop growing.







Have a hard time being yourself around your guy-crush? These tips will fix that, esp #2!


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This x10000

#2 and #4 are golden.


This is actually really accurate. Time to score a man

saving this

these are actually perfect.

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